PAPRI (Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives)

Appreciative story

Happy Jahanara
Destitute woman Jahanara Begum is an inhabitant of village Kawartekai under Patuli union of Belabo Upazila of Narsingdi district. She has been living with two sons, one daughter and disabled husband Md. Khalilur Rahaman with very hardship. She was recruited 1st cycle WCGs member on 15th February 2008. She used to save little amount of money from her cash wages after maintaining family expenditure. This way after one year she saved an amount of money. Simultaneously she was paid 3680 taka arrear salary at a time.
She bought two calves (ox) by this money and rearing (Beef fattening) these after ending of her daily duty. Her children and husband also helping to rear theses oxes. Now the market value of these two oxes is approximately 60,000 taka.
She will buy some land and two calves again by selling two oxes and continue beef fattening. After ending of her job with REOPA, she will take another IGA on agriculture.
She will continue her daughter’s (student of class six) education and send two boys to school. Now her family is happy. She has confident on to make a good future after receiving REOPA project training and formation of capital.
She said “I am grateful to PAPRI for my change” and hope PAPRI will continue it activities for other destitute women like me.
Fulmala; towards development
Widow Fulmala lives with her 2 kids at remote char village char megna under Bashgari union, Raipura upzila in Narsingdi district. Her husband died 4 years ago. She has no land except homestead. She used to work as maid servant at adjacent rich farmer house. Her one son and one daughter did not go to school. They lived on hand to mouth. Sometime they had hunger. They were hopeless and helpless. In this situation he got appointed as REOPA 1st cycle WCG women worker.
After having REOPA job and getting advice from COT, she is starting to grow vegetables in her homestead. She is selling vegetables in near bazaar in the morning regularly. She saved an amount of taka from vegetable selling. She also saved regularly some money from her cash wages. In the main time she got membership with PAPRI organized samity and took loan 5000 taka from PAPRI. She also got arrear bill 3680 taka from REOPA. Aggregating all these money including her savings, she bought an ox (male cow) with 10500 taka. Now its Market value is approximately 25000 taka. She has paid PAPRI loan in the mean time. She also bought one male goat and one female goat which is now pregnant. Now the values of these two goats approximately are 7000 taka. At present she is the owner of total 32000 taka.
She is continuing vegetable growing and saving money from this.
Now her family has no hardship. They are happy. Her son goes to school and in coming day, she will admit her daughter in school.

He is very grateful to PAPRI.
Success of Sofia
I am Sofia Begum, Husband- Salam Mollah, village- Razarbag, Post office-Botershar, Upazila- Belabo under Narsingdi district. I have six members family with two sons and two daughters. My husband was only earning member of my family. He could not meet our daily food with his tiny earning. We have lived on hand to mouth. It was severe hardship for us. My husband has experience on bamboo cage making. But he could not make it for scarcity of capital/money. Once I have met with PAPRI staff and organized a group with PAPRI.
I took BDT 5000 taka loan first time from PAPRI and started Bamboo cages making business with my husband. I could maintain cost of my family with the profit from business and save a little. I gave marriage my elder daughter with the savings and send my children to school. I have set drinking tube-well and got electricity connection. In the main time I took 2nd & 3rd loan from PAPRI and continuing our business. Now I can earn daily 300-400 taka profit from my business.
I have taken 12000 taka 4th loan from PAPRI and bought cow at this money and rearing it simultaneously my bamboo cage making business. I need no capital now. I am very happy with my earning.
In future I will buy a land for cultivation and expand my business for more income. I am grateful to PAPRI and Embassy of Japan.
Free Medical Treatment to Burn-Affected Handicapped Children
PAPRI has experienced that some handicapped persons can be relieved from their disabilities through networking with the medical service-provider institutions. For example, cleft-lips, cleft-palms, club-legs, burn-affected disability etc. can be cured through medical operation. In the first quarterly of the reporting year, PAPRI arranged for operation of two burn-affected children sustaining disability. The operations were successful.

One of these two children is 4-year-old Ranzani. Her father, Firoz Miah, is a poor farmer of Gokulnagar village. Six months ago, Ramzani sustained serious burn injuries in her right hand, due to which she could not open her fist and was unable to hold anything or do any work with her right hand. The poor parents passed their days in anxieties of the crippled hand of their only child. They thought, their child would never be able to come round. PAPRI, however, extended cooperation for free medical treatment from South View Hospital, Mirpur Dhaka. The operation was successful and Ramzani is now free from the disability she unfortunately happened to carry. Ramzani's parents are now happy and expressed their gratefulness to PAPRI.

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