PAPRI (Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives)


Life Story in Brief:
Born in 31st December 1960, full name Abu Based serves in own constructed a renowned development organization PAPRI (Poverty Alleviation through Participatory Rural Initiatives) as an Executive Director. Father’s name late Mr. Abdul Hai and mothers name Mrs.Golapernessa and he is the second eldest out of his eight brothers and sisters. He was very fond of drama, songs and social activities from his childhood. As his father Mr. Abdul Hai was a member of local government institution, he became closely follower of his father and paid a lot in favour of social activities.
During the early decades of nineteen eighty, workless people had been increasing in Narsingdi and most of the poor people are exploited by local leaders and land owners. Mr. Abu Based shocked and portrayed the social inequalities and rights of the poor segment of the society through organizing & showing different cultural activities specially stage drama.
In 1987 he joined with Shapla Neer, a Japanese organization and had started work for the people by providing them adult education, plantation, installation sanitary latrine and tube well including different awareness giving activities. From 1992 to 1998 he served at Shapla Neer as a coordinator and worked at Mymensign and Narsingdi and got touch of practical experience through implementing different development activities in favour of the poor segment of the society. Through his journey with Shapla Neer he also got touch of the problems and social obstacles of disable persons and came to realize that society has to do something betterment for them and it can possible within the existing framework.
He also thought about the problems relates to the adolescent and in 2004 launched a project addressing the adolescents girls in Belabo and Raipura Upazila under Narsingdi district. Even he worked on acid survivors, water & sanitation, Widow & divorce, Road safety, Women political empowerment has been working with persons with deaf blindness, child education, working children, Road safety and has been working with poverty alleviation, persons with disabilities, child education, Basic literacy, Adolescent development & computer training etc.
He has made valuable speech as an invited as guest on different International seminar held in Nepal, India and Japan.
He has dignified and awarded named Human Rights award in 2015, Kazi Nazrul Gold Medal, Mother Teresha medal etc. for his outstanding performances in the area of social welfare activities in Narsingdi.

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